The Rensselaer Municipal Leasing Corporation (RMLC) was formed in accordance with the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York and a resolution of the Rensselaer County Legislation adopted on February 9, 1993 to assist with the financing of the 362 bed County nursing home, Van Rensselaer Manor.  In 2014, Rensselaer County determined that it would be in the County’s interest to redeem the bonds of the RMLC by issuing $24 million Public Improvement Serial Bonds.   The redemption of RMLC’s entire debt occurred on August 20, 2014 and the Rensselaer County Nursing Home property, equipment and furnishings were sold to Rensselaer County.  The Rensselaer Municipal Leasing Corporation has no further assets or liabilities and is being dissolved.  In 2015, the RMLC Board adopted a resolution to dissolve the Corporation.  The Rensselaer County Legislature also approved Resolution G/523/15 to consent to the dissolution.  The required forms and information has been submitted to the New York State Attorney General to finalize the dissolution of the RMLC.