Number of employers (c.2000)
Rensselaer County 2,688
Capital District 18,733
Rensselaer County Labor Demographics (c.2000)
Employed 80,147 – 67% of population
Unemployed 4,853
Unemployment Rate 4.4%
Capital District Labor Demographics (c.2000)
Employed 415,141 – 66% of population
Unemployed 23,170
Unemployment Rate 3.4% (August 2004)
New York State Labor Demographics (c.2000)
Employed 8,382,988 – 56% of population
Unemployed 640,108
Unemployment Rate 5.6% (August 2004)

The low stress levels for commuters in the Capital District can be attributed to the short commute (averaging 22 minutes) with light traffic patterns on a developed highway infrastructure. It’s easy for workers to easily commute between counties – allowing businesses to pull from 415,141 available workers within the Capital District and potential to retain some of the 41,216 residents who travel to another county for work.

Major Industries, Capital Region
Manufacturing/Construction 13.4%
Retail/Wholesale Trade 14.2%
Management, Professional, Finance 19.4%
Educational, Health Services 24.8%
Public Administration 11.8%
Transportation, Utilities, Warehouse 4.3%
Services 11.6%
Rensselaer County
White Collar 67.6%
Blue Collar 32.4%
Capital District
White Collar 64%
Blue Collar 36%
Minimum Wage $5.15
Average Manufacturing Wage
Rensselaer County $19.69
New York State $22.26
Tax Information
Rensselaer County Tax Rate 4%
New York State Tax Rate 4.25%
Unadjusted Range Real Property Tax Rates
(Per $1000 in assessed value)
Rensselaer County $25.22-$208.57
Capital District $11.60-$53.97
Unadjusted Range Real Property Tax Rates
(Per $1000 in market value)
Rensselaer County $14.77-$42.46
Capital District $11.60-$43.04